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The Importance of Bathroom Fans

The importance of bathroom fans cannot be understated. After showering or using the bathtub, the fan should always be ran in order to remove moist air from the bathroom.

If moist air is not removed from the bathroom it will cling to the walls and eventually produce mold growth. In addition, moisture in the bathroom can cause paint to peal, and plaster to deteriorate.

If your bathroom does not have a ventilation fan, one can easily be installed by cutting a rectangular hole in the ceiling and mounting it to the nearest ceiling rafter. An electrician will need to run power to the unit and connect the fan to a wall mounted light switch.

After the fan is installed it will need to be properly vented to atmosphere using a 3” hose and wall mounted louvre door. This 3” hose connects to the back of the fan and runs through the attic to the nearest attic wall. There it will connect with a louvre door.

Without this ventilation system you will be depositing moisture into the attic. This moist air will have nowhere to go and will likely collect on the ceiling and exposed roofing nails. Eventually that water will drip down into the walls of the house and cause water damage.

Lastly, lets not forget about mold. If moist air is trapped in the attic, mold will begin to grow on an porous surface and ruin whatever you may be storing up there.

I hope this post helps you keep moisture out of your house and avoid costly mold removal and/or water damage repairs!

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