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What Does a Handyman Do?

What Does a Handyman Do

What does a Handyman do? As a handyman I am commonly asked what types of jobs I do. I have found that most of my customers hire me for a specific job or project, but are unsure what exactly a handyman does or is willing do to. The purpose of this article is to define what a handyman does so that you can make an informed decision on who to hire for your next household project. Let’s first define the difference between a Handyman and a Contractor. Have you ever called a Contractor for a small household repair that may only take a few hours, only to have them never return your phone call? Most contractors have a crew of employees working for them. Their business is tailored towards large renovations, home additions, or home construction. The large Contractor simply doesn’t have the time or resources to complete small tasks that may only take a couple hours, while focusing on his larger projects. That is where the Handyman comes in! A Handyman is usually a one man outfit that has chosen to focus on the small jobs that need done around your house. They may be a former construction worker, or someone that grew up with the trade and has developed proficiency with regard to home repairs, maintenance, and renovations. Unlike a contractor that specializes in a particular field ex(construction, electrical, plumbing) a Handyman specializes is all the odd jobs that you may not be able to do yourself, or simply don’t have time for. Some common handyman jobs are as follows:

  • Power Washing

  • Deck Repair/Painting/Staining

  • Gutter Cleaning/Repair

  • Roof Repair

  • Interior/Exterior Painting

  • Bathtub/Tile Refinishing

  • TV Wall mount Installation

  • Door Install/Repair

  • Weatherstripping

  • Grout Repair

  • Tile Installation

  • Baseboard Installation

  • Bathtub Surrounds

  • Faucet Installations

  • Vanity Installations

  • Picture Hanging

  • Childproof Equipment

  • Swing Set Assembly

  • Kitchen Cupboard Repair

  • Kitchen Cupboard Refinishing

  • Furniture Assembly

  • Furniture Repair

  • Doorknob Installation

Don’t be afraid to call a Handyman and ask them if they are interested in your project. I get a lot of calls from customers that are unsure if I would be interested in a small project like repairing a kitchen cupboard door that is loose, or installing a new doorknob. When hiring a Handyman it’s best to put together a list of projects that need done around your house. This will help save you money by only having to hire the handyman once, rather than calling him for multiple trips to your house, which can add up financially. I hope this article has helped inform you about what a Handyman does! If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me through my contact page or call me at the number listed below! K&A Handyman Services (412)532-8403

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