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What To Look For When Buying a Home

A How-To Guide for Inspecting Your Future Home That Will Save You Money and Stress

"What To Look For When Buying a Home" walks homebuyers through the buying process from the point of view of a home inspector.

This book is a MUST READ before purchasing a professional home inspection that can cost anywhere between $300 - $1,000!

The ebook will arm you with the knowledge to spot problems before they have a chance to develop, ensuring that you can enjoy a low maintenance home for years to come.

I have packed 30 years of home improvement knowledge into this quick, easy to read book that is guaranteed to help you save time, money, and stress, during your home buying process.

"What To Look For When Buying a Home" is available for purchase in Amazon's Kindle Store.  Click the links below to purchase from the Kindle or ibooks stores!  

Click here for Kindle Edition

Now Available on Kindle!


Concisely written. Just enough information to be helpful.

I was a State Licensed Construction Supervisor to pull permits. But I was also a general
home repairman.
I personally made repairs on my old home (circa 1916), so I know about maintenance.
(including non-licensed electrical & plumbing)
I bought this book because I am now 77 yrs. & wanted a "refresher" guide as I will be
home buying soon.
My use of this book is to provide a checklist to scan a prospective home for sale.
I will hire a pro. home inspector to verify the issues.
BUT I don't want to hire an inspector for several or more homes that I might bid on;
to find that there are too many repair issues.
I will now "force" myself to be logical & not so emotional in my possible offer.

This book will guide the Buyer to feel confident that they are not wasting their time
and their agent's time, on a home that is not worth the asking price.

- Kindle Reader, March 2017

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