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Toilet Repair

Today I want to describe two of the most common problems homeowners might see with their toilet

Problem #1 The toilet wont stop running!

This problem is most likely due to the fact that your flapper is worn out.

The flapper is the rubber or PVC device that acts as a doorway in the tank of your toilet. When you flush the toilet, you are opening the flapper and allowing all the water in the tank to flush down and out the bowl of your toilet.

This action creates a current for all your unmentionables to effortlessly float on down stream. Once the water level in the tank has drained, the flapper door closes and seals off the tank. Water is now able to fill in the tank for your next flush. If this flapper is rotted out or missing a seal, it will not properly hold water in the tank. Thus it will be forever leaking water from the tank to the bowl.

Not to worry! This is a cheap and simple fix. Flappers can be purchased at any home improvement store and installed in under an hour. Out with the old, in with the new.

Problem #2 It takes forever for the bowl to fill up!

This is most likely due to a plugged fill line. Over the years, your fill line may built up with sediment that travels in tap or well water. When this happens I suggest replacing the fill valve assembly and refill tube.

To do this, you want to first shut off the water supply. This line is usually located right behind the base of the toilet.

Secondly, flush the toilet and get as much water as possible out of the tank. Now place a bucket under the hole in the bottom of the tank and unscrew the nylon bolt that holds the fill valve assembly to the hole in the tank.

The fill valve assembly can now be pulled out of the tank and discarded. Insert the new fill valve assembly into the hole in the tank, thread the nylon bolt onto the threaded fill valve stem, and screw the water supply line back in place.

Lastly you need to attach the rubber refill tube to the overflow tube. Be sure to cut it according to your required length. Turn the water back on and you should now have a strong steady toilet refill.

Both of these fixes are inexpensive and relatively easy.

If your toilet is constantly running your probably paying to much to the water authority.

If you are still feeling apprehensive about diagnosing your toilet problems please give me a call for help!

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