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Asphalt Roof Ventilation

Many people do not think about there roof until it isn't working properly. Why should they? It's above our head, out of sight and out of mind. It keeps our families safely tucked away offering constant reliable shelter from the elements.

Then one day you find water marks on the ceiling of your bedroom. This curious revelation causes you to inspect the status of your asphalt roof. Much to your horror, you roof looks like the picture below. It might have moss growing on it, shingles missing, or maybe its even playing host to a giant tree branch or two.

If your roof looks like this...

Monroeville Asphalt Roof Repair.jpg

...chances are it is either old enough to remember Nixon's resignation, or you don't have a proper ridge vent like displayed below.

Monroeville Asphalt Roof Repair.jpg

Fortunately, a ridge vent is inexpensive and quick to install.

The importance of a ridge vent lies in it's natural ability to cool your attic on those hot summer days.

By installing a ridge vent, you are allowing mother nature to vent all the hot air from your attic out of the peek of your roof. Remember, hot air rises. So without a roof vent, hot air gets trapped in your attic.

This venting action allows your shingles to stay cool. Without a ridge vent your are essentially cooking your shingles with the extreme heat that is trapped underneath them.

There are several other tricks worth mentioning here to keep your attic and shingles cool. Installing soffit vents allows air flow from underneath your eves to rise through your attic and aid in venting. Be sure however that you install rafter mates in your attic if you go this route. Rafter mates are extremely cheap and easy to install. They help insure that the insulation in your attic does not plug the airway from your soffit vents to the empty space of your attic.

Lastly there is the attic fan.

Attic fans are designed to draw all the hot air from your attic by way of running the fan backwards, sucking hot air from your attic and displacing it outdoors.

These fans perform the same job as a roof vent, only they do it less efficiently, while costing you more money every month in your electric bill.

With a roof vent, you allow heat to simply rise up and float harmlessly out the peek of your roof, keeping those shingles nice and cool. With an attic fan, you suck electricity 24/7, attempting to draw the hot air sideways out the side of your house.

To conclude, adding a proper ridge vent will only cost you a few hundred dollars and it will add years, if not decades to the life of your roof. Considering a new roof can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000, thats a hefty savings.

Give me a call for help installing your ridge vent, and take a vacation with the savings!

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