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Installing Light Fixtures

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Installing new light fixtures are an easy way to spruce up your home.

You can easily purchase a classy looking fixture for under $30. Install it in an hour on Saturday morning, and be entertaining guests under the soft luminescense that evening.

When installing a new fixture first be sure to shut off the power to the fixture. If you don't know which circuit carries electricity to your fixture, do what I do and shut the whole house down. You may have to reset a few clocks for your wife, but it shure beats the unpleasentries of having to remind yourself what your name is after you've carried live current through your body.

Next you want to uninstall the old fixture and inspect the wires inside.

If you have new wiring you will have a white wire, a black wire, and a green or copper wire. If you have old wiring you probobly have 2 black wires and a copper wire.

Connect the white wire from the wall to the white wire on your fixture, then do the same to the black wire. Lastly, connect the green or copper wire with the ground wire from your fixture.

Be sure to cap these connections with the proper size wire nuts. Your new light fixture should provide you with these.

Install the fixture, turn the circuit back on, and pat yourself on the back!

If you have any tired old fixtures you would like replaced, please give me a call for a quick installation!

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