Recommended Tools and Materials

     As a handyman I use a variety of tools and materials to complete customer projects everyday.  Here I've compiled a list of those tools and materials in an effort to provide you with reviews and recommendations.  I hope you find these reviews helpful with your next project.  Please free to e-mail me from the contact page if you have any questions, or if you are in need of a recommendation.  

Pro's:  Durable go-to cordless drill.  Feel solid and well balanced in hand.  Good battery life.  20v Lithium battery is small, and charges quickly.


Con's:  Occasionally the jaw jams.  Magnetic bit holders are a nice idea, but impractical when maneuvering the drill in tight spaces.

Pro's:  Solid powder coated table top. Nice straight cutting with easy to move table stop.  Good table saw for someone who uses this tool once or twice a month.  Very reasonably priced.


Con's:  Legs do not fold up.  Rubber stops on legs commonly fall off.  Lacks power for large hardwood cuts.

Pro's:  The Standard in Miter Saws.  Solid aluminum base and backstop.  Easy the maneuver for angled cuts. 


Con's:  Expensive blades.  Washer that hold blade into place can wear down and need replaced.

Pro's:  Easy to apply.  Self leveling.  Durable long-lasting shiny finish.


Con's:  Strong epoxy smell while installing, need to install with adequate ventilation and breathing mask.  

Pro's:  Well built, feels good in hand.  Slip resistant TPE over-mold for easy handling.  Blade fits where other saws cannot fit.  Tool can be used as a multi-purpose cutting tool, power sander, and grout remover.


Con's:  Blades wear down quickly when cutting abrasive materials like drywall.  Blades and grout removing tools can be expensive.

Pro's:  Keeps dust down by filling tray with water.  Works well with small and large tile.  Cuts straight using an adjustable locking straight edge.


Con's:  Lacks power at times.  Blade will stall if tile is not cut perfectly straight.

Pro's:  High speed RPM's insure a clean cut.  Comes with commonly used bits.  Easy to adjust for different heights of cuts.


Con's:  Large and bulky, makes it difficult to menuevre when routing small items.

Pro's:  Saw is well balanced and cuts extremely well.  Good for large tile if you don't want to invest in a wet table tile saw.  Reasonably priced if you do not do a lot of tile, but need to make cuts that a traditional tile cutter can't handle.


Con's:  Produces a large amount of dust. 

Pro's:  Affordable entry level saw.  Light and durable build.  Straight edge stays in place when pressure is applied to the cut. 


Con's:  Lacks power when cutting hardwoods.

Pro's:  Lot's of power, cuts both wood and steel with ease, solid construction/virtually indestructible, adjusts for fine or rough cuts.


Con's:  Blades tend to flex if cutting thick wood, blades sometime come out of chuck.

Pro's:  Great saw for demolition or difficult to reach areas, works great on wood and metal, lots of power.


Con's:  Battery has a short life and extremely long charge (Battery operated version only) 

Pro's:  Lot's of power, powerful enough to blast through thick paint finishes, will not stall out no matter how much pressure you apply.


Con's:  Can leave small circular marks that are difficult to get out, sandpaper loads quickly when removing paint.

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